O.M. Offshore Monitoring Ltd (OSM) is an SME aiming to improve efficiency, safety, security and navigation for commercial shipping and other related offshore activities by transferring non-maritime emerging technologies to the maritime/offshore market place. OSM has invented and developed several technological surveillance concepts for the offshore, shipping and port industries and managed/coordinated several multi-national commercialization and R&D projects. One of the main characteristics of OSM is that the company focus and solve specific challenges/aspects where end-users/clients see a potential need to improve their operations (for safety, efficiency, security, environmental compliance, etc.).

G.M.S. Global Maritime Services Ltd (GMS) is developing services for the high value shipping and port industries. Understanding the needs of the maritime/offshore industries together with continuous technological research within the combined exploitation of maritime observation technologies and data distribution services are key GMS success factors. GMS core expertise is within maritime observation technologies and data distribution and presentation technologies where the company is able to realize data management and signal processing concepts; and actual/recent/relevant sailing operations (as Masters) on various vessels.

Ladar Ltd (LDR) was established in 2013 with a mission to become the world leader of maritime innovative sensor products based on Laser Detection and Ranging (LADAR) technology, which detect, characterise, classify and track various surface-layer objects in real-time. Due to its unique characteristics, LDR’s system is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the maritime and offshore market domains.

Hjelmstad AS (HAS) core expertise of the company is advanced sensor systems utilising electromagnetic waves in the optical and RADAR wavelengths. Several iterations of RADAR and LADAR prototypes have been developed and the company also holds several worldwide patents on different aspects of microwave and optical technology. This expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience from the defence, academic and industrial sectors. In addition, the company has modern modelling and laboratory facilities.

Grand Large Yachting (GLY) is an SME from France founded in 2003 with expertise that extends across three maritime markets: leisure, professional and service. GLY specializes in boat design and development, design to cost, service development and implementation through its different brands, making them one of the world leaders in long distance cruising and have around 1000 vessels sailing around the world. In 2017 and 2018, GLY has been among the “Growth Champions” (in France) list published by “Les Echos” and have also received the “BPI Excellence” label for the most innovative companies in France.