The MARINA e-learning training material is developed with the aim of supporting self-learning for the intended audience, to be completed at their own pace and time commitment. With the goals to establish, explain, and promote the capabilities and use cases of the LADAR technology, the flexible and structured e-learning approach is designed for busy professionals, and also to be able to do the training online to avoid the costs and risks for traveling.

Training portal can accessed at the following URL.

Click here for Training Portal

As part of Work Package 2, a Digital Training Academy is being developed in the MARINA project, to provide access to the relevant information and training modules for the end-users, ship and port operators and fleet management so that they can acquire fundamental information about the LADAR system, how it functions, its use case scenarios and applications. The digital training programme follows two approaches, related to e-learning training modules, and training activities in the AR / VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) environment. 

The use of AR / VR headsets allows for on-board as well as remote training. Immersive training using such AR / VR headsets can be used everywhere (e.g. from on-board a vessel and even home) presenting a significant advantage over simulator training centers or traditional classrooms. The video shows a demonstration of the AR / VR training, which is a recorded video from an operator wearing the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset, demonstrating the interactive features of the training content being developed for this headset. For actual interactive experience of this demonstrator, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset is required. We look forward to meeting potential end-users and customers in trade shows and conferences to let them experience LADAR in the AR / VR environment. 

Learn more about our instrument by examining 3D Model of the Instrument.