Day 2 of the 5th R&D and General Assembly at Fornebu resumed with Jena Dover, Legal and Business Developer at Global Maritime Services Limited (GMS), sharing updates on Commercialisation Planning, Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication tasks within the MARINA Project.

Next, Project Coordinator, Jacek Gruszka from Offshore Monitoring Limited (OSM), delivered an overview of the Project and Innovation Management Work Package, including a detailed update on the progress made, a review of the IPR and Risk Registers, milestones achieved, and an updated project timeline. All the Partners in attendance discussed (and agreed upon) a schedule to test the  LadarTM Sensor Suite in the coming months.

Lastly, R&D Lead Jas Powell (OSM) gave a live demonstration of the LadarTM Sensor Suite technology in the lab, followed by a question-and-answer session by all partners present – in-person and those logged in via a video conference call.