Ladar Sensor Suite on the bay plus a black and white diagram.

Fast Data and Global Connectivity are Advancing “SmartShip” Technology

This article by Captain Lance M. Savaria, Head of Projects at Offshore Monitoring Limited, looks into how advancements in maritime connectivity are revolutionizing the shipping industry’s SmartShip technology. What a difference fast data makes for all ship technology. Many of us can recall that just a few years ago there were limited choices for ship […]

What Education and Training will be needed in an era of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Ships?

This whitepaper written by Yusuke Mori explores the challenges and possibilities anticipated for maritime educational institutes as the industry readily adopts machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the automation of vessels.

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure through Modern Surveillance Solutions

Rising geopolitical tensions have elevated maritime security as a top concern for policymakers, prompting a closer look at the potential impact of intelligent near-proximity object detection solutions in the realm of maritime surveillance and security. The maritime security umbrella oversees several domains, including the marine environment, national security, and human security. International geopolitical developments in […]